Sunday, September 5, 2010

Olympic Discovery Trail "Adventure Route"

I Finally got to ride a bit more of the Olympic Discovery trail "Adventure Route" in August. The trail starts just west of Port Angeles, off of Highway 112.

Back in June we'd ridden a few miles of the trail heading east from the trail crossing at Joyce-Piedmont road. It looked like this:

This time, starting from the beginning of the trail at Hwy 112, I tried to take a more comprehensive set of pics for the benefit of those wondering whether or not it's worth the trip. I'd say it definitely is, and I'm looking forward to doing the entire ~24-mile length of it next time I'm out that way.
The trail is smooth and wide, with hardly any rocks or serious roots; however, there is a fair amount of climbing required to make it up to the Eden Valley Road crossing where I ended this jaunt. A reasonably fit novice mountain biker would have no problem riding this section in a couple of hours. It can be fast if you want it to be, and the scenery is nice (despite the clear-cuts).
Check out the pics here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A clearing of the throat.

Ahem...this one's for the cycling stories.